Our Services

Jul 20th, 2010
  1. Powder Coating
  2. JIT Painting and Packaging
  3. Light Assembly

Powder Coating

Simba Powder Coating specializes in powder coating for the metal fabrication industry, providing a service from small batch runs to large size production parts.  All of our finished products can with stand the elements of Mother Nature while increasing the life cycle of the product.

Simba Powder Coating process allows for a service far superior than any other competitors by our state of the art pre-treatment stages, excellent quality assurance, super durability coating, and primer and coating services all working to save you money.

JIT Painting and Packaging

Simba Powder Coating understands the demands of the market.  From this, we have introduced our Just In Time (JIT) services.  We offer JIT Painting and Packaging as per client requirements.  This allows our clients to manage inventory a lot closer, reduce shipping costs, and save money.

Light Assembly

Simba Powder Coating provides Light Assembly to any product that may require it. Our knowledgeable staff are trained and understand the requirements of any components that are required to be assembled, ensuring quality control is always primary.